Standard SSL

Secures a single domain

As low as 123,00 CHF /year

30-day refund policy

WildCard SSL

Secures unlimited host-
names under one domain

As low as 265,90 CHF /year

30-day refund policy


Unified Communications SSL

Secures your Microsoft
Unified Communications*

As low as 199,90 CHF /year

30-day refund policy


WISeKey EV SSL Certificates provide the highest encryption levels to protect your server and transactions, improving your image by allowing your online customers to feel secure, giving web site visitors an easy and reliable way to extend their trust online. In Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome, the address bar turns green and displays the name of the WISeKey EV SSL Certificate owner. When customers feel secure, they are more likely to complete a purchase or enter personal data in your web site, thanks to an SSL certificate from a globally recognized certificate authority.

As low as 100,00 CHF /year

30-day refund policy

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Why Choose WISeKey SSL?

WISeKey is a leading eSecurity company, with over 15 years of experience in information security and trusted digital identities. Our strategic location in Switzerland and partnership with OISTE foundation set us apart from other digital security providers, in that we can offer geopolitical neutrality. Our certificates are trusted globally by a wide range of customers, governments, business, and individual website hosts, who continue to operate in safe and secure environment thanks to WISeKey’s digital security solutions. WISeKey’s portfolio offers globally trusted SSL certificates with the highest assurance and warranties, at a really competitive price.

All SSL Certificates aren’t equal… Choosing WISeKey is the wise choice.