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About WISeKey

WISeKey secures the digital lives of people by providing specialized and cutting-edge security technologies for personal data protection, effective identification and authentication of people and objects over physical infrastructures, mobile networks, and the Internet, to ensure secure communications, interactions, and transactions, without compromising trust and privacy.

Each of us perform transactions on the Internet everyday, from simple communications like email, to online shopping and banking. As much as we enjoy the benefits introduced by the Internet, we must remain aware of the dangers that exist in the technology. Solutions for a safer Internet exist, and it continues to be WISeKey's mission to create a safe, trusted digital environment to conduce secure, electronic transactions without sacrificing the security of the people, products, and organizations that participate in the ecosystem. WISeKey has spent more than ten years establishing a sound platform and technical infrastructure upon which we offer solutions that protect people, objects and information with secure digital identification and authentication and encrypted data transactions.

With more than a decade of leadership in information security and identity management, WISeKey’s solutions aim to:

  • Protect your organization with its Online Trust Solutions
  • Protect your products with its Digital Brand Protection
  • Protect yourself with its Mobile Security & Digital Identities

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