SSL Certificates

SSL Reseller Program

We created the CertifyID Partner Program so selected companies can integrate our CertifyID product line as value-added resellers. CertifyID Partner Program membership includes access to our CertifyID Reseller portal, the main tool to manage orders and to facilitate sales of digital certificates.

Issuing certificates is a responsibility. WISeKey has been following established procedures based on best practices for more than ten years. The Reseller Program is your opportunity to benefit from WISeKey's expertise, established infrastructure, and strong encryption by expanding the services you offer your customers and profiting now.

  • Offer your customers SSL protection for their website, with the only Root Certifcation Authority operated out of Switzerland
  • WISeKey ensures that necessary internal and external audits and controls are executed for the OISTE WISeKey Global Root CA and all dependent Certification Authorities; The OISTE Foundation is regulated by Swiss law and owns the main components of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), specifically the Root Certification Authority and Policy Certification Authorities
  • An independent audit is conducted on an annual basis to ensure compliance with the WebTrust program for Certification Authorities; This compliance enables the certificates to be trusted worldwide and to be embedded in all the relevant browsers and operating systems
  • WISeKey's CertifyID Registration Officers manage the required verification procedure when your customer wants to buy SSL certificates

Offer your customer the seal of Swiss protection, become a WISeKey Partner today. Contact us now.

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