SSL Certificates

WebTrust Compliant

WebTrust helps to make cyberspace a safer place to send personal information, by auditing the companies involved in providing security services to guarantee that they adhere to the high level of security that they claim. The WebTrust seal demonstrates that an issuing Certificate Authority (CA) complies with a high standard of business practices and disclosure, and protection and integrity of information and privacy.

WebTrust auditors signify that WISeKey meets independent standards for the issuing and managing digital certificates.

Every six months, WebTrust completes an audit on WISeKey’s operations and practices to confirm that we abide by the rules as disclosed in our practice statement. For example, WebTrust concerns itself to determine that WISeKey maintain effective controls to assurance that:

  • The integrity of our internal systems are maintained by using a proper authentication practices
  • Subscriber information is properly authenticated, and is restricted to authorized individuals and protected from not specified used
  • The integrity of certificates was established when first issued, and protected throughout their life cycles
  • The continuity of key and certificate life cycle management operations is maintained

WebTrust compliancy is publicly signified by the internationally recognized WebTrust seal of assurance displayed on our web sites. The WebTrust report can be found by clicking on the WebTrust seal and following the hyperlinks to the accountant's report.